February 14, 2019

"If you are looking for a terrific notary, Cathy Sparks could not be more highly recommended. Incredibly professional and efficient. I've dealt with a lot of notaries in my lifetime, but Cathy is at the top of the list. Call her. You'll get what you asked for and a lot more."
December 27, 2018


"Cathy was professional, personable, and patient! I called her fairly early on a Saturday morning and she arrived within two hours. Great service provided!"
March 30, 2018


"I called Cathy and she was at my house in 5 minutes (I was lucky that she was already in the area.) She was very professional and ready to go from the moment we sat down. I will definitely use her again for my notary needs."
December 15, 2017

"If you may be looking for a very professional woman that really knows her business as a Notery public Mrs Cathy Sparks is the person you need to assure that everything will be done in an expeditious manor. At very reasonable rates. Give her a call and she will get your needs met right away."
July 24, 2017


"Cathy was on the money! Called her early Sat and set up appointment to meet my clients that very day. I'm impressed! Will call again for all my mobile notary needs!"